fat path

A fantastically simple, yet fun game of computer input device skill.

Begin the game by entering the blue circle with your cursor. The path will begin to move. GUIDE YOUR CURSOR through the path, carefully avoiding the walls.

Reaching the end of the path or touching the wall will present an active arrow pad. PRESS THE ARROW TO CONTINUE to the next level or restart the game, respectively.

Tones are generated for each block of the path as the cursor moves into it. Some may recognize that the tones, as well as the paths, increase in complexity and speed as the game progresses. Tones were recorded from my acoustic guitar, a subset of my favorite chords, Am, Cm, Gm, and E.

This game represents one component of a multipart series studying the astounding work of long time computational artist John Maeda. This simple game was developed from ideas Maeda originally coded for a one minute online game for the Nipponese company, Shiseido.

September 10, 2001

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