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Various images from the developmental phase of Moonlight's MIDI Visualization Engine. Note that the visual information below is from a variety of different piano compositions.

"Moonlight" Sonata Soyez Rocket, Feb 2002
Here, notes are rendered symmetrically with emphasized outlines for an engineered Russian rocketry appearance. The composition's measures are broken into four equal parts for easier viewing. High resolution archival prints are available for sale at

J.S. Bach Fugue, Jan 2002
A personal favorite cannon fugue in A minor.

Blueprint Variation , Jan 2002
In the early stages of development, accuracy of note placement was difficult and hard to debug. A minimal blueprint style was adopted that very clearly indicated the beginning and end of each note with raised and lowered blue lines. Pitch was marked by a semitransparent white bars arranged vertically. Using this minimal style, I was eventually able to

Henry Mancini's Pink Panther, Jan 2002
The blueprint style as applied to the classic composition, The Pink Panther. In this image, track information (one track for each hand) is denoted using opposing hues. About one fourth of the song is shown beginning at the sixteenth measure.

Piano Sonata in C Minor, Schubert, Jan 2002
A slight variation adding color to more clearly denote pitch information. Stroke velocity is also indicated as a tangential slope. The steeper the line, the faster the velocity.

Heavy Fingered Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven, Jan 2002
Note information for each key pressed is contained in an object. The information is a detailed description of the keypress event, as the piano player might perform, including the precise moment of string collision, pitch, tuning modifications, volume, stroke velocity, and duration of sustain.

In this image, all attributes of the keypress event are represented faithfully except for the sustain.