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The I'Ching as a 6bit State Machine

Austin Museum of Digital Art Installation
Originally installed at the Red Fez | Austin, TX
December 2001

Photos from the event:
Josh Knowles of DXM, Red Fez, Dec 2001
Even with the stage falling down around him he kept the show going. Josh produces strange prose, algorithmically generated audio, and stories of his experiences in the future.

Rear stage, Red Fez, Dec 2001
The I'Ching interface hangs like the harvest moon, while somewhere in the room a user interacts with the piece using a wireless mouse.

David Robbins, Red Fez, Dec 2001

Jared and friend, Austin, TX, Dec 2001

The Red Fez in Austin, TX, Dec 2001

Honeycomb Traveling, Red Fez, Dec 2001
Ginny and Wade enjoying the soundtrack of David Robbins' film. Many thanks to Ginny for her hard work setting things up.