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Flash MX 3D Cheats

Fake Space

Flash MX 3D Cheats is a book about building three dimensional effects without the processor intensive three dimensional math. Each chapter deals with an effect or series of effects specially suited for the computational strengths of Flash MX.

The book contains incredible algorithms, supporting code, and amazing images from an international group of authors, published by Friends of Ed.

My contribution to the book was the development of three systems of text display in the third dimension. Each system is built from the ground up, using step by step instructions, so that even those unfamiliar with Flash MX can build a fully functional project. Each section of the chapter also provides multiple variations and advanced implementation techniques. This enables the reader to develop their own customized projects.
Spherical Text Magnification
In this system, individual letter elements are displaced and magnified around the edge of a transparent sphere.

Text Space
Words exist as objects in three dimensional space. One flys through this space using the words as waypoints. The space is infinite, new words continually emerge from the fog in the distance.

Text Tornado
In this system, words behave like fence posts and cattle caught up in the forces of a tornado. Each word experiences gravity, rotational acceleration, and levitation.

Technical Editor
Steven Rycroft

Flash MX 3D Cheats, paperback
360 pages | 1st edition (forthcoming) | Friends of Ed

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