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New Masters of Flash:  Volume 3 NMOF3

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New Masters of Flash is both a global showcase and a practical tutorial book aimed at professional and aspiring designers who are looking for novel inspirations and imaginative techniques.

generative images
Tree Garden II, Trema Spike, Invader Fractal, Binary Network
Recursion, chaos, combination, and networks, the four topics covered in Jared Tarbell's chapter titled 'Complexify'
Many Page Photographs within New Masters of Flash Volume Three.
New Masters of Flash, Volume 3

Commissioning Editor
Steve Rycroft

Graphic Designer and Compositor
Katy Freer

Technical Editors
Matthew Knight
Steve Rycroft

Consulting Editor
Sham Bhangal

Editorial Board
Steve Anglin, Dan Appleman, Ewan Buckingham, Gary Cornell, Tony davis, John Franklin, Jason Gilmore, Chris Mills, Steve Rycroft, Dominic Shakeshaft, Jim Sumser, Karen Watterson, Gavin Wray, John Zukowski

Project Manager
Beckie Stones

Copy Edit Manager
Nicole LeClerc

Copy Editors
Nicole LeClerc
Rebecca Rider

Production Manager
Kari Brooks

Production Editor and Proofreader
Katie Stence

CD Design
Pete Aylward

Copyright Research
Beckie Stones

Kevin Brocolli

Cover Design
Danny Franzreb, Katy Freer, Kurt Krames

Manufacturing Manager
Tom Debolski

NMOF3, back cover

New Masters of Flash Volume 3 , paperback
477 pages | 1st edition | Friends of Ed

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