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particle emitter

Flash MX Components

Development Images

The Particle Emitter is a Flash MX Component. The following are a collection of screen captures from the development phase of the Particle Emitter.
capture a. The Particle Emitter in use as an explosion

capture b. Colored discs of random size and destination drift gently from off stage using multiple Particle Emitters.

capture c. The chaotic stream of emitted particles

capture d. An experimental modification of the Particle Emitter uses word objects as particles

capture e. High contrast particle emitter against a white background

capture f. Particles that trace their path create an illustration of the particle emitter's computational process

capture g. Five randomly placed Particle Emitters produce falling snow

The Particle Emitter component is available as a free download. Design and code by Jared Tarbell for Friend's of Ed's Flash MX Components: Most Wanted publication.

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