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Flash MX
Flash MX Components
Most Wanted

Flash MX Components: Most Wanted is a wide collection of useful components for Macromedia Flash MX published by Friends of Ed. Each chapter of the book combines an exhaustive reference resource with plenty of hands-on examples to form a rich, designer-oriented guide.

The book contains Flash MX components, source code, supporting text, and novel ideas from the following authors:

Aral Balkan
Todd Coulson
Jen deHaan
David Doull
Josh Dura
Peter Elst
Jeremy Larkin
Todd Marks
Brian Monnone
Michael Montagna
Daryn Nakhuda
James Palmer
Mike Pearce
Paul Prudence
Bill Spencer
Jon Steer
Jared Tarbell
Brandon Williams
Todd Yard
Steve Young

My contribution to the book was the Particle Emitter:
particle emitter component
prints available
In this image, the Particle Emitter has been slightly modified to emit particles that trace their path until their eventual self-destruction. The source code can be found in this Flash MX Particle Trace source file.

The Particle Emitter component generates an easily adaptable field of dynamic particles. Each particle is an autonomous object, optimized to move about, change size, fade, and self-destruct under a collection of attributes given to it at creation time.

Some examples of the Particle Emitter component:
bacteria, particle emitter bacteria, particle emitter
falling snow, particle emitter falling snow, particle emitter
colored discs, particle emitter colored discs, particle emitter
explosion, particle emitter explosion, particle emitter

Some examples of the Particle Emitter component with slight code modifications/extensions:
poetry, particle emitter poetry, particle emitter
path tracing, particle emitter path tracing, particle emitter
See development images from the project.

Many thanks to a hard working staff at Friends of Ed. May they find new form in flight.

Technical Editor
Steve Rycroft

Editorial Proofer
Helena Sharman

Project Manager
Simon Brand

Technical Reviewers
Marcho Baraldi
Alexandra Blackburn
Sally Cruikshank
Steve McCormick
Vibha Roy
Mike Sloan

Graphic Editor
Matt Clark

Cover Design
Katy Freer
Matt Clark

Simon Collins

Author Agent
Chris Matterface

Commissioning Editor
Andrew Tracey

Managing Editor

Chris Hindley

Flash MX Components: Most Wanted, paperback
300 pages | 1st edition (January 2003) | Friends of Ed | ISBN: 1-904344-10-0

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