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Artificial Life
Gobble Theory
Legged Creatures
Mycelium Model
Randomly Connected Binary Network v1 (Self-Organization)
Randomly Connected Binary Network v2 (Self-Organization)
Randomly Connected Binary Network v3 (Self-Organization)
Randomly Connected Binary Network v4 (Self-Organization)
Randomly Connected Binary Network v5 (Self-Organization)
Sea Thing
Walking Bug Generator
Walking Things
Advanced Object Instantiation and Manipulation
Barslund Repulsion Network
Folding Pentagons
Fungi Architecture : Three System
Iterative IK
Network Evolution
Nine Block Pattern Generator
Orbiting Networks
Random Walking Point in Three Space
Spine Construction Method
Western Family
Basic Object Instantiation and Manipulation
A Single Object Levitated
City Lines
Conversation Rings
Further Numbers
Gathering Line
Introspection Torus
Levitated Analog Inputs
Node Object Study : Bad Affinity
Node Object Study : Cannon
Node Object Study : Depth
Node Object Study : Obstruction Physics
This Human Form
Data Visualization
Attractor Sets
Celestes : 2000 Calendar
Cryptoscript Animated Sketch
Fragment Pile Abstraction with Identification
Generative Structures
AMODA Mosaic
Box Fitting
Invader Fractal
Irregular Sticks
Levitated Houyhnhnm
Maeda study: Line Sectionals
Panton Geometri' 1
Panton Kurve
Polychromatic Clusters
Quarter Round Mosaic
Riley Stack
Isometric Projection
Heightfield Grid
Isometric Venn Islands
Isometric Text with Shadows
Isometric Orbital Spring
Deep Lorenz
Diffusion Limited Aggregation
Lorenz Attractor: Deterministic Chaos
Mandlebrot Trema Generator
Spherical Magnification
Bit Field
Naturally Arranged Floating Seeds
Oily Stratum
Pixie Particles
Pseudo Rotational Structures
Cylinder Image Display Engine
Image Storm
Rotational Growth : Homage to Praystation
Rotational Growth with Node Identification
Rotational Tree Garden
Tornado Code Poetry
Watching the Grass Grow
Cellular Automata Twist
Cellular Automata Worm
Recursive Construction
Binary Tree
Emotion Fractal
Main Vein
Monkey Tree
Recursive Construction of the Golden Spiral
Root Gardener
Root System
Rotational Transformation
Storm Front
Simple Game Engines
Maeda study: A Game of Input Coordination
Rotational Voices
Runes TTF
Auto-Fixing Words
Text Space
User Interfaces
Maeda study: Keyboard Residuals
Maeda study: Reactive Color Bar
XML Import / Export
Leave Earth XML : Pond Code Revisited
Pond Code XML Interface
Subterranean Code Poetry
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